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Tuesday, June 3, 2014



A Bad Boy 

One day that day is very beautiful. The birds that are flying are looked very beautiful. But one house at the Moon village is so different. Every morning that are living at this house always make something that is very big problems. To example, Aryo who is the son’s Adi is still sleeping about six o’clock. It makes his mother who is Hani to be nary. She takes a glass and fills it of water. It is thrown by her to the Aryo’s face. “Argh... what are you doing, mom!” Aryo begins to open his eyes. “I just make you to awake. Do you know what time is it! Let’s take a bath, don’t forget to have breakfast! Let’s do it now!” his mother answers him. 

Aryo runs away to the kitchen and has breakfast quickly. He finishes it about five minutes. He runs away again to the bathroom and he takes a bath. After it, he goes out. He walks to his bedroom. He wears his clothes and prepares his goods to go to the school. 

He gets out from his bedroom. He looks a man whom is his father. He is sitting on the old chair. There is a small table. On it is a big cup of tea, some snacks, and some old papers. He is reading the newspaper. Aryo says to his father, “Morning, dad.” His father has prepared to go his office. He just drinks his tea and waits his son to go. Because he must go together with his son to go to the new school for him. 

With his old motorcycle they go to the new school slowly. Not need long time they have come to the new school. There are many students. “Don’t make your mom to be sad with everything that you have been done to other persons. And they look that you’re naughty boy. If they look you it, your mother will be very sad to see you again. Be a good boy, son.” Father says. “Yes, dad. I will be a good boy.” Aryo answers. Then He goes to his office and Aryo gets into his new school. 

He stops his walking in front of the gate. He looks his father when his father is very far. He walks again to school. At the around gate there are his friends. Three boys are waiting him. He greets them and they walk to the new class. They are Aryo, Zen, Rama, and Gin. They are friendship. They are clever and diligent. Aryo is the leader of them. 

Aryo is very different of the others. He is an odd boy. He always does something alone but if he needs helping, his friends already help him. At the first day, he doesn’t get the problem on the school. But he has a joking plan to trap a new teacher. He tells his friends about his plan. After he has told them, one of them disagrees with him. He wants to be neutral. He is Rama. He is always a good boy on this group. Rama thinks that Aryo’s plan will be fired. Aryo tells again with the new plan, “Zen, you must stand up around the window. You must tell us if the teacher is walking to this class. Do you understand?” Zen says, “Yes, ser! I will do it.” “Gin, you help me to take some water to this plastic. Let’s do it!” 

Some seconds after everything have started. The teacher comes. He walks to the class until in front of the door. His hand will open the door. Suddenly someone who is behind him calls him, “Mr. Farhan! Mr. Farhan! Mr. Farhan! Wait!” Teacher, “What’s up? Be quiet. Now tell me what do you want to talk?” Someone, “I have something to you; this is about future of this school. We get a mail from other school to do a friendly match. Like we know together you’re the best referee who has been had by our school. So, you musty go to the other school now.” Teacher, “Alright, but I must give this class a working.” Someone,”It doesn’t matter, you must go now, and I will give them the working.” They leave the class. 

This plan is fired. So, Aryo, Zen, Rama, and Gin will take the tools of trapping. Aryo walks near the door. The door is little opened by the teacher. When he is standing up near the door, the air opens the door and makes the tools of trapping to fall down. He is been the victim of his working. 

His clothes are wet. Someone who has talked with the teacher comes. He looks Aryo and says that he must go back to home and change his clothes. After changing he must go to the school again and he can’t be late. After he comes to school he must meet him. 

Aryo takes his bag and goes to home. He walks until the gate. He is called by someone who has commanded him to stop. He gives a letter to Aryo. He goes back to the class. Aryo doesn’t understand what have he done. He walks to his home. On the way there is a patrol of police. A car of police stops beside him. A police man gets out and walks to him. He talks to Aryo, “Why you are here?” Aryo answers, “I’m walking, I must go home to change my clothes ser”. “Well you must follow me to the police office.” Policeman says. Aryo can’t do anything, he follows him. They get in the car. They go to the police office. 

Suddenly a phone is ringing. The man on the phone says that every patrol of policeman must go to the bank because it is done a criminal. There is a steal. The entire car of patrol comes to the bank. They try to stop the criminal. Aryo is further than before. He gets in the car on the way to go home. The car that is Aryo and two policeman stops. Aryo is commanded to get out for safety his life. But is very far from house. He wants to talk them but they have gone to the bank fast. 

He is alone now. He walks without sign. Luckily in front of him is someone who walks near him. He tries to talk him, “How do you do? Someone says, “how do you do?” Aryo tries to know how to go to his house from him. That man just tells him the signal to go to his house. 

Aryo runs away because he doesn’t want to forget the everything that has been remembered him. He walks until a street that is closed because it is digging street. He is very confusing. He calls the man who is digging the street but it is very noisy. So no one can hear it. He walks back. He tries to remember when he is walking to home. 

Not long time later he has explored that way. He remembers again how to go to the house. Some times later he can go to the house. He has walked for two hours and he is very tired. He meets his mother and tells his everything that has been done him. She is smile when her son has finished his story. 

Next he changes his clothes and goes to the school with his mother, but on the way they must stop because there is a criminal. They use other ways but it needs long time. He is very afraid at that time because he must go back to school on time. 

Then they use motorcycle quickly until the school. He runs away to meet someone who had commanded him. He goes to the BK’s room but he isn’t there. He runs again to the teacher’s room and the officer’s room but he isn’t there. He runs to his class and talks to his friends. They don’t know where he is. 

He is very confusing, so he just is waiting on the class. Someone comes to his class. Finally he can meet him. He apologies to him and never does it again.

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